Boss 48


Name: Slay Farrel

Type: Hero Quest

Reccomended Lv: 30 (doable in parties when as low as level 21)

This mission consists of fighting five different bosses to gain keys which then allows you to fight Dr. Ferral. Before you enter, stock up on potions since the dungeon is quiet long. When you enter, be sure to equip your gas mask obtained in previous quests or else you'll constantly lose health.

To find bosses, you need to continue through the map until you come across gates/doors with gems on them. There is one door, the first door that has a water symbol on it, which does not hold any monsters or boss.

Blue gate: Bald Porker (Iron Key)

Purple gate: Franken Doju (Earth Key)

Yellow gate: Cheif Cook Kankanu (Water Key)

Green gate: Furious Juju (Wood Key)

Red gate: Albino Vegabond (Fire Key)

Note: The keys will be held in your ETC. inventory slot. If you die before using the keys to arrive at Ferral, then you can safely return to town while keeping the keys. However, after you use the keys to teleport to Ferral, they will be taken out of your inventory. If you die while fighting Ferral, the only way of reviving and not having to return to town is Pheonix Feathers.

-This page made originaly by Bliizarddemon, known as Macz in Dragonica

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