Akazi (with armor)


Akazi (without armor)

Very similar to Vagabond, except with more HP. In Hero's Road Mission Maps 3 Stars and 4 Stars, Akazi gains a set of red armor. Do NOT get caught between him and Vagabond, or their roars can knock you down and quickly kill you. He is also very annoying during Sangka's Mission Map, where he often charges out of nowhere and knocks you down while you are focusing on Sangka.

He is actually Silver, Lylia's and Don Morgan's dog, transformed by Dr. Farrell into the wolf.


1. A basic slash.

2. A charge (which knocks players over if successful).

3. A roar (which knocks players over if successful).

4. A Tornado Slash.


Hero's Road Mission Map (1 - 4 Stars) and Hero Quest

Traitor's Ridge Mission Map (1 - 4 Stars, miniboss)


Akazi's Fur

Red Jewel

Akazi's stuffed hat


Akazi is known as Vega in other versions of Dragonica.

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