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Quests: Ar Ma Th Wa
Skills: Ar Ma Th Wa
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Tactics: Ar Ma Th Wa
Armor sets: Ar Ma Th Wa
Starting a: Ar Ma Th Wa
PvE guide: Ar Ma Th Wa
PvP guide: Ar Ma Th Wa

It’s easy to play as an archer. Things you should know while playing PVE as an archer:

  • Do “hit and run” on enemies. Jump shoot and strafe, don’t get hit.
  • Collect as much combos as possible. 150 hits = 15 combo. Once you hit 15combo, reset the counter by taking a break. Plan your combo well. You need at least 20 combos to get an S in arcade mode “solo mission map” (providing you don’t get hit of course).
  • Multishot is your no.1 anti boss skill. Cast it at point blank range.
  • Rising arrow and anti air shot can be used as a combo to clear mobs.

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