Armor set is something that sounds and acts like the set items you see in Diablo II. When all the pieces of the set are worn together, it gives a lot of positive buffs that are normally very good.

Armor sets are armors that can only be obtained from Mission Maps (Arcade Mode). Their market price ranges from 1 - 20 Gold pieces, as they are very rare and useful.

When armor sets are worn, they are soulbound (Except for Dismantle or Selling to NPC, you can't trade or put in market). So it is suggested that you will only wear it when you want to collect them all.

When all armor in a set is completed, 3 buffs will be given and a small bright ball will hover around the user.eain Armor sets consists of Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Leggings, Gloves, and Boots. Each Mission Map gives a different type of armor, therefore making life easier.

Armor sets can also be obtained by exchanging jewels with the "Quartermaster"

Lv 20 Armor Set Items Can Be obained by 2 stars hookah