Shadow Walk- use to surprise opponent and keep them guessing of where you are

Swift Attack- mainly used for kiting enemies and to kite or for a knockdown

Daggers- main damage skill. decent range can help you keep a distance when needed or to take off a big chunk of health(be close to enemy if you want big dmg)

Ambush- launches grounded enemies at 3 main use is for AF combo (not recomended)

Violent blow- good damage, hits grounded enemies at 3 used when opponent is stuned and followed up with daggers/ambush

Poison crasher- bad skill. too much mp and only works with X. no use at all

April fools- good skill if opponent can combo you to death or deals big damage. best used after you stun enemy (uses lots of mp though)

Burrow- life saver when used properly. can keep you safe from a launch, freeze or even a stun. only stay in burrow for a second or 2. never EVER stay in longer or else you will waste mp and look like a noob.

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