Axel is a monster found all around outside the Port of Winds city.

Some time ago these bandits lived peacefully with the human species but now something has changed and they have started attacking humans. This might have something to do with Suspicious Apples that cause aggressive reactions when eaten.


Axels might be from 10~19 lvl.


Axels attack by throwing their big axe which they allways carry around. It swings for a quite a distance but can still be easily avoided.


Axel's Axe swinging through the air. Be warned!


Axels are fat and they have a green skin and dark blue hair which they have tied up with yellow string.

They have blinded themselves with a red scarf.

Axels wear blue-white striped pants and a Torn Belt (misc. item) which they occasionally drop.

Once killed Axels turn into peaces of meat.


When Axel is Upgraded he comes Fabulous Axel which is lvl 13~14.


Axels might drop;

list incomplete

Axel give 472 EXP when killed.

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