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Introduction to Archers

  • Learned Skill List
  • Skills Level by Level
  • Unlearned Skills
  • Training & Leveling
  • Final Notes

Ranger Guide

Introduction to Rangers

  • Skills Level by Level
  • Unlearned Skills
  • Training & Leveling
  • Final Notes

Hunter/Trapper Guide (Collecting Information) Introduction: This is one of the many builds I have created to easily get A or S rank in mission maps. This is the build I follow if there is a confirmed skill reset at job change, and the best one I prefer before job advancement. So enough beating around the bush, lets get to the details.

As you start off, you may look at your skills and wonder. "Should I go double shot or multi-shot", well in my build, I give you the best of both worlds.

You have many skills that will be useful to you here. and you may be tempted to throw points into Bow Mastery, But I have to ask you this. Do you want to make easy S Ranks in missions? I do, so this is how I do it.

Skills you will learn: (read on below to find out why i build my archer this way.)
Level 1: Rising Arrow 1/5 (automatically learned)
Level 2: Anti-air Shot 1/5
Level 3: Double Shot 1/5
Level 4: Bow Mastery 1/5
Level 5: Rising Arrow 2/5 -- Anti-air Shot 2/5
Level 6: Double Shot 2/5
Level 7: Shoot-down 1/1
Level 8: Multi-shot 1/5
Level 9: Bow Mastery 2/5
Level 10: Rising Arrow 3/5 -- Anti-air Shot 3/5
Level 11: Multi-shot 2/5
Level 12: Multi-shot 3/5
Level 13: Multi-shot 4/5
Level 14: Bow Mastery 3/5
Level 15: Multi-shot 5/5
Level 16: Bow Mastery 4/5
Level 17: Rising Arrow 4/5 -- Anti-air Shot 4/5
Level 18: Bow Mastery 5/5
Level 19: Rising Arrow 5/5
Level 20: Anti-air Shot 5/5

[center]---------------------------------------------------------------------- Level by level skill build: Level 1: Remaining SP: 0, Spent SP: 15 (15)I cant say much about this, you start with Rising Arrow by default.

Rising Arrow -- Lv 1

Level 2: Remaining SP: 5, Spent SP: 15 (30)You got this level pretty fast and the skill window pops up for you ready to go. what to add it on. Well for a boss beat-down and easier S rank, I recommend the following.

Anti-Air Shot - Lv 1
Pair up Rising arrow with Anti air shot to easily gain combo points in mission maps.

Level 3: Remaining SP: 5, Spent SP: 20 (50)You worked a little bit harder, and you are ready to add more skills, but take a breather right now. You may have tried a few Windia plains missions, and want to take out the boss a little bit faster, well for this I would recommend the following.

Double Shot - Lv 1
I save double shot mostly for bosses, because it takes a bit of MP to cast. if you don't mind spending a little bit of copper on MP potions, then by all means, go ahead.

Level 4: Remaining SP: 10, Spent SP: 15 (65)You have run through the vegabond mission maps, but your damage seems a little weak now. Well that is because we saved the best for last, and that is:

Bow Mastery - Lv 1
I know, I said if you want S Rank, pass this up, but if you notice, monsters are getting progressively harder as you level up. And not learning Bow mastery now would just end up in wasted time later.

Level 5: Remaining SP: 0, Spent SP: 30 (95)After learning bow mastery, you noticed how your attack power increased a bit. But now I give you a 2 for 1 deal. That's right, two skills in one level. And they are...

Rising Arrow - Lv 2
Anti-air Shot - Lv 2
With both of these leveled up, you can now launch and attack 3 monsters in the air. Nice deal.

Level 6: Remaining SP: 0, Spent SP: 20 (115)Now your getting the hang of doing missions, now comes an important piece of information. Equipment is your best friend, and you should have found or bought a level 5 bow. Also, every time you run past a blacksmith in town, stop for a quick repair all. It will never hurt and you will not have to worry about your equipment breaking in the middle of a mission. Now getting back on track, your recommended skill is...

Double Shot - Lv 2
By this time, you should be in Advanced Windia plains, starting the Vega mission. A upgraded double shot will help put him in his place.

Level 7: Remaining SP: 5, Spent SP: 15 (130)Monsters are getting harder to kill, and you are wanting to try out a new skill? well here you go.

Shoot-down - Lv 1
This skill is somewhat useful. If you follow a hit and run technique, it can be your best friend at times.

Level 8: Remaining SP: 5, Spent SP: 20 (150)I know, you are asking "when do I get to learn multi-shot?". Well it is time.

Multi-shot - Lv 1
Multi-shot can hit many monsters from a distance, or can inflict multiple damage on a single target.

Level 9: Remaining SP: 10, Spent SP: 15 (165)A lot of work and your part way there. You may ask what to do now? easy...

Bow Mastery - Lv 2
Right now, you are feeling that you have outgrown your current bow, but cannot equip a new one until level 10. So bow mastery will be your solution.

Level 10: Remaining SP: 0, Spent SP: 30 (195)You are half way to your next job, and you get to purchase a new bow in Advanced Windia Plains. As I did with level 5, you get two skills in a single level. You can probably guess which I'm about to say, but for those who don't...

Rising Arrow - Lv 3
Anti-air Shot - Lv 3

Level 11,12,13: Remaining SP: 0,0,0, Spent SP: 20,20,20 (255)Levels 11 through 13, you will work on only one skill...

Multi-shot - Lv 2,3,4
Multi shot is more powerful and you shoot more arrows now.

Level 14: Remaining SP: 5, Spent SP: 15 (270)I would have said multi-shot and grouped it above, but you need another level first. So instead of that, just add another level to...

Bow Mastery - Lv 3

Level 15: Remaining SP: 5, Spent SP: 20 (290)You can guess what skill I added here, but for those who are somehow lost now, you will add another level to...

Multi-shot - Lv 5
Equipment and you: By now you should have done most of the East Traitors Ridge missions, and hopefully, you earned your nice level 15 bow. If you have not, do so now and get ready for West Traitors Ridge.

Level 16: Remaining SP: 10, Spent SP: 15 (305)Now that you are in West Traitors Ridge, you may need a bit more attack power to deal with flaming pumpkin heads. So you can add another level to...

Bow Mastery - Lv 4

Level 17: Remaining SP: 0, Spent SP: 30 (335)If your smart enough, you should be able to guess what I'm about to say (or technically type). And thats 2 for 1. And heres what you get...

Rising Arrow - Lv 4
Anti-air Shot - Lv 4
This should help you take care of a lot of them sharpos and raccoons in West Traitors Ridge missions.

Level 18: Remaining SP: 5, Spent SP: 15 (350)Although you can go any way right now, I go the route for more damage, so that means another level on...

Bow Mastery - Lv 5
A little extra damage never hurts, and it should be very easy to make S rank all the time, even with bow mastery at level 5.

Level 19: Remaining SP: 10, Spent SP: 15 (365)You are just a level away from job change, and all you can do is grind for it. Well to help out a little bit, you can add another level to...

Rising Arrow - Lv 5
I would give you a 2 for 1 deal again, but you do not have enough spare points, So Rising arrow will toss an extra monster in the air for now.

Level 20: Remaining SP: 15, Spent SP: 15 (380)You are finally Level 20, and you have a difficult job change quest ahead of you. I would recommend...

Anti-air Shot - Lv 5
Now you can easily take out anything that comes your way, but be careful, because Farrell has a few hard hitting attacks he loves to use. Attack smartly and have a good party to support you, and you will be done in no time.

Unlearned Skills: Back Dash (AKA Moonwalk) Back Dash Shot (AKA Moonwalk Shot) Relaunch Rapid Step

Training & Leveling: Level 1-5 Windia Plains Windia plains is the first map you get to start killing monsters. So leveling will go quickly here. I usually pick all the quests available in town, and head to the first mission map (Vegabond/Big bad wolf). (Mission maps are marked by a lock on the mini map, you should see two in Windia plains.) Almost all quests you get will be completed easily by these mission maps, and don't be afraid to do a few spare runs to finish a few extra quests you didn't finish on the first runs. You should now be easily level 6 after all the questing and missions. At this point, make sure you have the best equipment equipped, and repair in Odelia before continuing.

Level 6-10 Advanced Windia Plains

You should be around level 5 or 6 by now, and have completed most quests in Odelia. Now its time to head to Advanced Windia Plains, where you can pick up a few more quests, and head for the second mission map (Vega). Again, most of the quests you get can be finished inside the mission maps. After a few runs, and about two hours of playing (less if you already know how to play) you should be level 10 and ready to move on to West Traitors Ridge. But first, take a trip to the tool merchant Sen, and buy yourself a new bow for level 10. Now you should be able to take on the terrors of West Traitors Ridge.

Level 11-15 West Traitors Ridge When you reach level 10, you should be more than ready to head to West Traitors Ridge. Most quests in this area can be done in the mission map as well, but there are a few that you have to be in the field, Howling Wind's Hill, or Silky Wave Coast. Just continue on leveling, doing quests, and missions like you normally have. If you have been doing quests, specifically hero quests, then once you finish your missions in West Traitors Ridge, you will be rewarded with your level 15 bow. Once your done leveling and questing, you should be near level 15 or 16. You should be ready to head to East Traitors Ridge and start some quests there.

Level 16-20 East Traitors Ridge So you have made it this far. Now its time to collect quests again. Goto Port of Winds and pick up some quests there, and head into the mission map yet again. Again, some quests may need monsters in the field, so pay attention to them when accepting. You should run out of quests around level 19, so you are down to grinding in 4 star mission maps. Just find a good party, and work for your S rank until you get to level 20. Congratulations, time to start the job change quest.

Level 20 Job Change Quest Although all job change quests are basically the same, ill post some info here for those who don't know what they are in for. Starting the job quest, you go and visit Rony in Port of Winds. You can choose from an Archer or a Hunter, which still end up the same route.

Part 1 The first part of the job change quest is collecting marks from any monster in Bearded Whales Coast. You need to collect 20 of them then head back to Rony.

Part 2 The second part of the job change quest is completing the 4 star mission in East Traitors Ridge. You only need to defeat the boss and return to Rony.

Part 3 The third part of the job change quest is entering the sewers in Port of Winds, collecting 5 keys from sub-bosses along the way, and defeat Farrell at the end. Farrell has very strong attacks doing an average of 400 damage. So make sure you have a lot of bananas saved from East Traitors Ridge. Once dead, return to Rony again.

Part 4 This is not really another part, but once you return after Farrell, you will have to talk to Rony again and receive your level 20 weapon for your next job. (and if they are available, a Skill Reset scroll).

Final Notes Skill Resets at Job Change: If skill reset scrolls are not available at job change, you can skip learning double shot, and start learning multi shot to save a few spare points. Mission Maps: Each Mission map rewards exp potions and equipment. Personally I recommend breaking (my term for dismantling an item for souls) item you do not need, or other classes equipment, if someone else it the party doesn't want or need it. Sharing is Caring: Always be opened to trading items you receive after a mission map, this is a great way to make good friends, and maybe even score future items from them for a lot less than market pricing. Upgrading & enhancement powders:Although it may sound good, an experienced player can get level 20 and second job in about 12 hours (maybe less, maybe more). I never upgraded any of my equipment from under level 20. In my opinion I believe it is a waste, because you can out level and find better equipment quickly.

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