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===============HUNTER SECTION!=============

As a Hunter in PVP you usually want to use evasive-dmging atks that my wear your opponent out slowely, but they dont have a chance if you master it. Some styles of PVP as a hunter are:

Hit N' Run: You jump dash (double tap the directional key you want to move in and then quickly hit the C button.. for ex "RIGHT > RIGHT> C".) Jump dash repeatedly until your charachter aligns with your opponent then quickly throw down a instant spell and move out of the way to avoid dmg. To use this tactic efficiently and not look like a flailing idiot, you usually want to land a good distance outside of melee atk range (unless its a fellow archer or mage).

The Anti-Air God: To preform this extremely deadly technique you will first launch the target in the air with the Arrow Launch skill. After that Proceed SPAMMING the Anti-Air Shot skill button. 'I have not yet confirmed if Agility will increase the speed you are allowed to fire AAS (Anti-Air Shots), but anyhow... MASH THAT BUTTON AS FAST AS POSSIBLE......

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