Knight Skills

 Knights posses a wide variety of skills who aid him in battle, they learn both offensive and defensive skills, various passive and active buffs skills and better aerial abilities.

They mainly focus on attacking a single enemy to deal huge and continuos damage, due to a variety of combos, but can also become decents Crowd controllers thanks to two offensive skills, the Spear Jab (A multi-hit attack who can strike inffinite number of mobs) and the Pressure skill (launch up to 12 enemies to the air).

Active Skills

1-.Aerial Smackdown (lvl20): Allows the knight to dash in mid-air. Also allows character to performn a downwards attack initially striking 5 or less mobs and slightly launch them to the air. This skill can only be use in mid-air. Can be performed pressing => => + X

2-.Aerial Blow (lvl20):


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