Rare Monsters are some what mutated version of the creatures in the area they live in.They are larger in size and can also speak.They drop alot of coins and also weapon and armor enchantment powder and for some they drop either a rare consumable or equip.However hunting one is never easy,most take 4 hours to spawn and when killed a message will be boardcasted to all the players in the channel:*Insert Rare Monster Name Here* has been defeated by *Insert Player Name Here*.There are also quests that requires you to defeat them but most players simply ignore the quests

Types and drops

Name:*****Location****************************Drops****************************************** Lvl

Giant Woodie: South Windia Plains  ?*************************************?

Soma: ********North Windia plains  ??????????????????????????? lvl 7

Hizzi:***********Windia Flats********** Angry Sheep Pendant **********lvl 9

Molech: Howling winds hill and West traitor ridge************** Raccoon Ring(only at west traitor ridge) lvl 14/16

Archeart:Silky wave coast and east traitor ridge*************** Bat necklace and concentrated cave moss(Neckalce only at East traitor ridge) lvl 21

Apeph:*********Bearded whale coast and jigsaw puzzle coast****Crabby Leg***********************************************************lvl24

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