Combo Ranks

Combos, a major feature of Dragonica, are multiple attacks under a certain amount of time. They do not have to be infinite, inescapable, etc. A combo is merely a chain of hits within a certain span of time. Combos begin counting upwards with more than one hit and disappear after no hits within 2 seconds. Combos are not limited to one enemy. You can continue to switch targets and grow your combo, assuming you continue to hit something.

Monsters have different "weights," and thus, you may need to adjust your combos accordingly. For example, some monsters fall faster others than others, while others are hard to "pop up" into the air.


Every ten hits gives you a new "combo rank". They have no effect on gameplay and are merely for aesthetic values. The combo ranks go as followed:

Cool > Good > Nice > Great > Rampage > Excellent > Perfect > Fantastic > Unbelievable > God Like

Experience Bonus

The main benefit of combos is to increase the amount of experience you get when killing.

The more hits you do in a combo, the more XP you will obtain when the monster(s) is killed. Each hit increases your XP gained by 1%, but only take effect in 10 hit increments. By getting 10 hits, you’ll get +10% XP, 20 hits = +20% XP, etc. This pattern continues until it maxes out at 100 hits, or +100%XP, doubling the amount of XP you would have originally gained. Since XP is only gained upon killing a monster, as opposed to just hitting it, the only +XP values that is applied is the one on your killing blow.

If you get a 2x XP on an enemy with a 100+ combo and you go onto another enemy and kill it, the 2nd enemy will also give you 2x XP.