All controls are customizable.


  • 1. Moving Around: Use directional keys to move up, down, left, and right.
  • 2. Charge Attack: Use on a portal to go to a different zone. Hold and release for warrior and thief to unleash a powerful attack.
  • 3. Attack: Press X key to attack enemies.
  • 4. Jump: Use C key to jump.
  • 5. Pick-up/Action: Press Spacebar to do special actions such as pick up items, pull levers, or Hang on to objects.
  • 6. Quick Slot: Use quick slots with Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, or F key.
  • 7. Pop-Ups: Open Community (Y), My Info (U), Inventory (I), Skill (K), Quest (L), Mini Map (N), and World Map (M).
  • 8. Emotions: Register emotion such as Cry, Laugh, or Greeting in number keys (1-8) to use them.
  • 9. Chatting: Register chat messages such as Normal, Friend, Party, and Guild chats in F1-F5 keys to use them.
  • 10. Others: Press ESC to recall System Menu, Enter to open Chat Prompt, and PrtScn to take Screenshot.

  • Directional Movement (1)
    • UP - Move Character Up
    • DOWN - Move Character Down
    • LEFT - Move Character Left
    • RIGHT - Move Character Right
    • Diagonal Movement by combine above keys
    • C - Jump (4)
    • Z - Use portal (2)
    • SPACE - Interact (5)

  • Attack
    • X - Basic Attack (3)
    • Z - Special Attack (2)
    • DOWN+X - Downed Enemy Blow

  • Hotkeys
    • "Q-R", "A-F" - Set Skills, Potions, etc, to work when corresponding key is pressed (6)

  • Pop-Ups (7)
    • Y - Open Community
    • U - Character Info
    • I - Inventory
    • K - Skill
    • L - Quest
    • N - Mini Map
    • M - World Map

Gamepads are compatible with Dragonica via various programs.

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