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Due to the fact that SEA servers were shutdown on May 30, 2012, this wikia will now focus its attention to the EU version. So EU names take priority over other regions.

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What's new on Dragonica

September 09, 2009/European Dragonica announces first expansion
gPotato Europe announces "Tales of the Damned" expansion!
August 28, 2009/European Dragonica adds Kundara content update
gPotato Europe's Dragonica adds Kundara content update!
June 10, 2009/European Dragonica service goes live
gPotato Europe's European versions of Dragonica have gone live in three languages:English, French and German.
June 04, 2009/SEA Dragonica opens OBT
IAH's Dragonica has begun OBT!
May 22, 2009/European OBT announced: June 10
gPotato Europe has announced the Open Beta dates for the European English, German and French versions of Dragonica.
May 6, 2009/European CBT Dates announced: May 13-22
gPotato Europe has announced the CBT dates for the English, German and French CBT.
April 15, 2009/ China and SEA CBT date announced!
"IAH dual-world English and Chinese Dragonica CBT slated for 7th May 2009!"
March 19, 2009/European CBT Pre-registration begins
gPotato Europe has opened pre-registration for the English, German and French CBT.
February 16, 2009/European Registration is now open!
Registration for the European versions of Dragonica is now open.
February 15, 2009/You can register for the pre-Closed Beta test!
Register before the 19th (12pm GMT +8 Thur) to play during the next phase!
July 1, 2008/You can register for the Alpha test!
Come and register now! Join the Dragonica family!
July 1, 2008/Visit Kaye's Blog!
Visit the Community Manager's Blog for constant updates about the game!

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Random Video

Dragonca BGM- Big Trees00:57

Dragonca BGM- Big Trees

Developer Website

Barunson Interactive

Official Regional Websites

English Dragonica website
German Dragonica website
French Dragonica website
American Dragon Saga website

Dragonica Info Websites

gPotato English Dragonica Forums
gPotato French Dragonica Forums
gPotato German Dragonica Forums

Wiki News

May 21st, 2013 – Tythesly joins Kroova and Antebellum as a sysop of the Dragonica Wikia.

Let's get this wikia back on track shall we! :D

April 19th, 2009 – Antebellum joins Kroova as a sysop of the Dragonica Wikia.

I'll be constantly updating the Wikia!

February 15th, 2009 – Dragonica Wiki is official announced on the forums.

Please come, join, and help out as CBT comes closer!

June 29th, 2008 – Dragonica Wiki begins!

As the wiki has just begun, there's lots of stuff to do. Help out by adding content to... anything!


English Client (EU) Direct Download: x.

The European English Dragonica Client!

French Client Direct Download: x.

The French Dragonica Client!

German Client Direct Download: x.

The German Dragonica Client!

Updated preCBT Client (SEA) Direct Download: x.

This is for the Dragonica preCBT, a 2-weekend Valentine’s Day showcase!

preCBT Client (SEA) Torrent: x

This is for the Dragonica preCBT, a 2-weekend Valentine’s Day showcase!

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