Dragon knight
Damage:  ??
Range:  ??
Next Class Upgrade: -
Dragoon Skills
Dragoon Equipments
Dragoon Quests
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Dragoon is the Job/Class that a Paladin achieves when he or she reaches level 60. Although this job has not appeared in the U.S.A. area it is said that you can promote to this job when you defeat Lust(Bone Dragon). This new class contains of various dragon related attack from rising dragon after an uppercuts or a sniping strike downs. He/She can also do a special attack know as dragon rush were a lot of dragon start coming out of nowhere and making a barrage of attacks and then lightning strikes. Remember that even though you are in such a high rank you can still use your warrior, knight, or paladin skills. I would recommend to pick he strongest of all classes since that would be a large variety and you could even make creative combos to OWN your enemy.


1)Ascending Dragon (Awakening Skill)

2)Dragon Dive (Awakening Skill)

3)Dragon Rush (Awakening Skill)

4)Rolling Ground (Non-Awakening Skill)

5)Awakening (Passive Skill, Enables Awakening)

6)Dragon Scale (Passive Skill)

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