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F6- Requirements

To start F6 you atleast need to complete related Hero Quests (F5) , to enter F6 you need a Defence Comand Scroll (Example: Defence Order:Pine Cone Hills).

The party can have any types of levels, but it's better having the level of the map (talking about levels in F6-EXP Bonus)

F6- Location

F6 can be found at:

- Steven Trading Port (Alvida)

- Mirinae Sanctuary (Artis)

- Skippy Sanctuary (Lord of Night)

- Dangerous Cave (Ahtoo)

- Valid Raeth (Rokko)

- Scalding Wamps (Queen Vella)

- Ocher Forest (Elluman)

- Pine Cone Hills (Woodsman Paul Burnan)

- Gods' Sanctuary (Karkarous)

- Forgotten Village (Bubobubo better known as Owl),

- Land of Temptation (Pythanuth)

- Frigid Canyon (Arka).

F6-EXP Bonus

F6 gives good Exp but, there can be a bonus (Jack's Bean) that multiplicate obtained Exp.


The are 3 roles for F6 that are: Killer, Defender and Beaner. Everyone is important, the best Killer is Myrmidon and Ninja the best Defender is Priest and Archmage,

the beaner can be any class and any level, but atleast the other 3 in the party must be level 55+

If there's something missing please correct the mistake (please don't write anything that's not related to F6=

Thanks for using my guide,

Termocaos from Dragonica EU

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