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Hidden Scrolls

-Description: Hidden Scroll which will transfer you to Xxxxx Xxxxx location

Category: Scroll, Use, Qty: Unlimited

Equipment Drop Rate: High (An easy way to collect souls to add Soulforce to your other equipment or find Sealed Equipment/Advanced/Special)

Different Scrolls

Calamity Plains Hidden Scroll (Traitor's Ridge Mission Level 4 Sangka drop)

Lvl Req: 1 (Lvl Recommended: 12+)

Monsters: Ember Wolf (16), Brown Wolf (15), Ash Wolf (16), Sharp Beak Hork (14), Worm (12), Hork (13)

Mini-Boss: Akazi Upgraded (21)

Monster Drops: Armor Enchantment Powder, Level 13, 14, 17, 18 Armor, Level 15 Weapon, Misc. items, Devil's Stone

Bandit's Hideout Hidden Scroll

Lvl Req: 1 (Lvl Recommended: 16+)

Monsters: Axe Ogre (20), Ogre Shaman (22), Horned Beetle (22), Stinger Batwing (24), Poison Mimir Soldier (20), Mimir (24)

Mini-Boss: Big Axe Brothers Sangka and Kungka (22 and 25)

Monster Drops: Armor Enchantment Powder, Level 20 Weapons, Level 21 & 22 Armor, Misc. items, Devil's Stone

Wrath of the Nautilus Hidden Scroll (Bearded Whale Coast Mission Level 4 Captain Hookah drop)

Lvl Req: 1 (Lvl Recommended: 28+)

Monsters: Jelly (30), Red Zard (32), Reaver Zard (33), Starry Lala (31), Shark Pirate (33), Shark Deckhand (34),

Mini-Boss: Captian Hookah(Upgraded), Alvida(Upgraded)

Monster Drops: Devil's Soul Stone, Level 30 Weapon, Level 33, 34 Armor

Dangerous Mecca Hidden Scroll

Lvl Req: 1 (Lvl Recommended: 35+)



Monster Drops:

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