The Trade feature allows all players to sell items in their shop. There are several types of shops available: Regular, Premium, Legendary and so on. The higher the tier, the more items you may place in the shop. Shops remain open as long as you're online (unless you've got a Premium shop with 'offline' duration). Shops will close when you log off or change to a different channel.

Steps on Starting a Shop


Click on My Shop

Click on Trade located at the bottom right of the User Interface.

Next click on My Shop


Drag and Drop Item and Set Price

Drag and Drop the Item and Set Price


Click Open Shop

Once done, click on 'Open Shop'

Other features

Retrieve - Allows you to obtain the item from the shop

Lunch Time - Closes the shop to allow modification of the item, add new items or retrieval.

Destroy Shop - Removes everything in the shop.

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