Damage:  ??
Range:  ??
Next Class Upgrade: -
Howitzer Skills
Howitzer Equipments
Howitzer Quests
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One of the 4th jobs of the Archer class. Next job after Sniper. The name derives from a heavy artillery weapon.

Once you have promoted to 4th job, you will have access to awakening, a power which unlocks powerful skills.This class is a true arsenal since it consists of some heavy powerful skills. One of them is a NUKE/Nuclear, the skill is done when the caster in mid-air throws down a small nuclear. The other one is called 'Self Bomber' where the caster in mid air transforms into a explosive object and you crash down against the enemy. Another skill is the 'Patricle Cannon' where the caster summons a particle cannon. Then there's the ultimate skill, named Ground Zero where four robot turrets start firing around while you wield 2 hand-guns to blast down your enemy in various directions, and the in the end you jump into the air and throw a large amount of grenades as a finisher.This class is perfect for ones who like warfare stuff since he can use war related attacks.

Bombardier Skills:

1) Awakening Skill: Nuclear (Active) [Prequisite Skill: Awakening Level 1]

2) Self-Bomber (Active) [Prequisite Skill: N/A]

3) Ultimate Skill: Ground Zero (Active) [Prequisite Skill: Awakening Level 1]

4) Awakening Skill: Particle Cannon (Active) [Prequisite Skill: Awakening Level 1]

5) Awakening (Passive-Needed to use Awakening skills above) [Prequisite Skill: N/A]

6) N2 Ammunition Strengthen (Passive-99% of damages are added with lvl20 burn for critical hits) [Prequisite Skill: N/A]


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