( Trader )


Poor Huerin believes pretty much anything people tell her. She's not the best salesperson around, but she tries her best every day.

She sells use items like potions, return scrolls and some recipes.

Items Sold


Item Price
Weak Health Potion 30 Copper
Weak Mana Potion 30 Copper
Lower HP Potion 60 Copper
Lower MP Potion 60 Copper
Antivenom 34 Copper
Odellia Return Scroll - Warrior 2 Silver
Odellia Return Scroll - Magician 2 Silver
Odellia Return Scroll - Archer 2 Silver
Odellia Return Scroll - Thief 2 Silver
Couple's Warp 5 Silver
Apple Juice Recipe 1 Silver 20 Copper

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