Instances, known in Dragonica as 'Mission Maps' are usually run a party of 4 players, usually consisting of at least one main DPS and one support and two other fillers.

Types Of Runs

Quest Runs

These are done at a casual rate and don't have any requirements. Only done to complete the set quests in the mission map and to obtain the next hero quest after completing the current instance.

Grind Runs

These runs are slightly more organized to complete in a set time by the party leader. Only consisting of one support class and the rest to clear the map, having more than 1 support is likely to slow the group down. There are two types of grind parties, the traditional party that kills whatever they come across and the rush parties with a more efficient technique.

Two of the faster killing classes rush ahead and start clearing up the larger mobs. The two remaining party members at the back will 'clean up' the monsters that the front players missed which is also called 'leak'.