(26 atleast)
Attack style
Melee (barehand)

Jellys are a jelly specie that live in the coastlines.


Jelly will try to tackle you. You can try avoiding it as it grins just before trying to tackle you. This isn't its only skill though; JellyAngry

Loss of eyesight


  • Cast Time = Instant
  • Duration = 11 seconds
  • Description = For 11 seconds, Aim and Evasion rates are decreaser by 24%.

Note that info is from a level 4 skill.

It appears that only lvl 26+ Jellys have this skill. But be warned. If under Loss of Eyesight you will miss more often. If not always.


While fighting a Jelly you don't even nessacerily need to keep it down. Fighting one Jelly only is no big deal.

But if there are more than one Jelly be warned; if they all attack at the same time they take huge amounts of HP. Magician could die from that if not in full health.

So generally keep it in the air keep it down.


Jellys are blue balls inside a "spacship" consturted of Jellatin and Jellyfish Legs. With this it flys thourgh the air.




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