Knight armor consists of vibrant colors and varied overall appearance to convey a distinct look of bravery and honor. When first upgraded to knight at level 20, the first complete set is the SPIKE SET, which is a simple light blue set of armor with a shielded face mask helmet.

Spike set

The next set is at level 27, which is referred to as the KNIGHT SET, consisting of regal colors of crimson and gold, with a faceless helmet.

Knight set

Upon reaching level 34, you are able to acquire two different sets, the DRAKE SET and the DARK DRAKE SET. The dark set is harder to come by, and therefore more expensive when found in the market in most cases. It is currently unknown whether or not the dark set provides better stats. Ironically, the regular Drake set is a dark blue / silver suit of armor, and the Dark version is similar the warrior LUMINOUS FIGHTER SET.

Drake set

(NOTE: Names are provided by the US client. Names could vary according to region). Once a complete set of armor is donned (helmet, breeches, chest mail, gauntlets, etc), then the character will possess an aura around his / her person. Remember that these rare sets of armor cannot be traded or sold on the open market to other players once they have been worn. Thus, used sets can only be sold at the NPC shops or disassembled for souls. Further sets and their appearances will be added later on.

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