Lavalon was once a dragon that died over the volcano. When a dragon dies, its soul remains, lurking around the area where it died. The devious Dr. Farrell knew this, and took advantage of a dragon's soul to recreate the Magma lord, Lavalon. In the stage you can see that Lavalon has his hands placed on two crystals - those crystals were the ones that Dr. Farrell used to create Lavalon according to the blueprints that players have found in his lab before.

Lavalon : Battle to the End

Before you actually get to fight the magma drake, you will be compelled to go a dungeon run which includes floating islands in the lava, where you have to time your jumps. Rising platforms, with the same timing a right jump strategy, gates which you will have to knock down with your skills and infernal flames that may randomly strike you. In the end, you will have to slay the final gatekeeper in order to gain the key. The gatekeeper will be laughably easy, if you have mastered killing Sambaba.

Now you enter the magma drake's chamber, knows as Lavalon Rising! . Lavalon has a very few attacks, and will be incredibly overwhelming without proper armor. It is highly recommended to attempt this dungeon in a party of 3 or more. Lavalon's attacks: breathing fire; capable of chain damage and can be avoided when Lavalon takes a deep breath. Meteors, which fall from above will damage significantly but can also be easily avoided by moving away when prompted by a warning mark just where it is about to land. Its final attack is done is done by slamming its hand on the field. The cue to seeing this attack is to watch the field and the special markings before the hand comes down. This attack can be dodged by moving away or jumping at the correct moment.

Tackling this Magma beast is a tedious feat for inexperienced players. Player will have to kill nearby mobs and gather mana bullets to load up the mana cannon. Once the cannon is loaded, it can then be fired - players should be aware that it can be interrupted and consequently kill the player if unaware. Firing the cannon will cause Lavalon to fall onto the field, where its head is exposed. It is only in this short interval when players can inflict damage on Lavalon. An ideal strategy here is to use Paladins for time reverse, and Ninjas for their daggers ability. This allows the party to deal a large amount of damage. This process must be repeated until Lavalon is defeated. It has a small chance of dropping its heart.



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