This article contains the entire quests available in the game.

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Main Quest

  1. Counterattack of the Wolves
    • Start: Guard Guffy
    • Task: Speak with Chief Dun Morgan
    • Reward: Class Helm and Helpful Gift Box
  2. Find Traces of Lillia
    • Start: Chief Don Morgan
    • Task: Go to South Windia Plains and find some clues
      • Speak with Guard John in South Windia Plain
    • Reward: 8S, 87C.
  3. Final Results
    • Start: Guard John
    • Task: Speak to Alvin in Odellia
    • Reward: 5S, 72C
  4. Permission of the Town Chief
    • Start: Alvin
    • Task: Speak to Chief Don Morgan
    • Reward: 5 HP Pot, 5S, 15C
  5. The Only Way
    • Start: Chief Don Morgan
    • Task: Complete F1-F4 Missions

Minor Quest

  1. Firewood
    • Start:Wine Merchant Pamela
    • Task: Get 5 firewood from Woodies (South Windia Plains)
    • Reward: Class Gloves
  2. Hungry Sailor (1)
    • Start: Boatman Zaza
    • Task: Get 1 Apple
    • Reward: 5 Minor HP pot
  3. Hungry Sailor (2)
    • Start: Boatman Zaza
    • Task: Gather 5 Fleece
    • Reward: 5S, 72C
  4. Silence of the Sheep
    • Start: Blacksmith Darwin
    • Task: Get 5 Tough sheep skins
    • Reward: Class Armor, 4S, 85C
  5. Woodie Revolt
    • Start: Equipment Merchant Billy
    • Task: Kill 10 Stumpies (Mission Map)
    • Reward: 4S, 97C
  6. Slacking Soldiers (1)
    • Start: Guard Guffy
    • Task: Visit Blacksmith Darwin
    • Reward: 3S, 97C, 1 Armor Enchant
  7. Killing the Ash Wolves
    • Start: Sneaky Thief Jack
    • Task: Kill 10 Ash Wolves
    • Reward: 4S, 97C
  8. Bet with Jack (1)
    • Start: Sneaky Thief Jack
    • Task: Obtain a B rank in 2-Star mission
    • Reward: Gloves, 5S, 97C
  9. Old Friend (1)
    • Start: Guard Oliva
    • Task: Kill 5 Woodies
    • Reward: 4S, 85C, Pants

Port of Winds

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