Available Repeatable Quests

[6] Love Potion

NPC & Location: Trade Merchant <Daisy> || North Windia Plains Rewards: 4515 exp, 1 silver 65 copper, Health/Mana Potion (Sm)

  1. Talk to Trade Merchant <Daisy>.
  2. Hunt (20) Mane from Ember Wolf.
  3. Talk to Trade Merchant <Daisy> to complete the quest.

[15] Passion of Fishing!

NPC & Location: Village Boy <Ersil> || Port of the Winds Rewards: 1000 exp, 2 silver 77 copper

  1. Talk to Village Boy <Ersil>.
  2. Hunt (20) Crabby Bait at Bearded Whale Coast, Nautilus Port.
  3. Talk to Village Boy <Ersil> to complete the quest.

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