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Quests: Ar Ma Th Wa
Skills: Ar Ma Th Wa
Skill builds: Ar Ma Th Wa
Tactics: Ar Ma Th Wa
Armor sets: Ar Ma Th Wa
Starting a: Ar Ma Th Wa
PvE guide: Ar Ma Th Wa
PvP guide: Ar Ma Th Wa

This build is still being tested, so if you find anything wrong with it before I do, just edit the page so it fits. ^_^

lvl1 Point Buster lvl1 (sp0)
lvl2 Air Combo lvl1 (sp5)
lvl3 Meteor Fall lvl1 (sp10)
lvl4 MpPotMax lvl1, Air Combo lvl2 (sp0)
lvl5 Slow Heal lvl1 (sp5)
lvl6 Meteor Fall lvl2, Magic Enhancement lvl1 (sp0)
lvl7 Heal Thy Self lvl1 (sp5)
lvl8 Focus lvl1 (sp10)
lvl9 Air Combo lvl3, Meteor Fall lvl3 (sp0)
lvl10 Heal Thy Self lvl2 (sp5)
lvl11 Magic Enhancement lvl2, Focus lvl2 (sp5)
lvl12 Heal Thy Self lvl3 (sp10)
lvl13 Meteor Fall lvl4, Magic Enhancement lvl3 (sp5)
lvl14 Focus lvl3 (sp10)
lvl15 Heal Thy Self lvl4, Magic Enhancement lvl4 (sp5)
lvl16 Meteor Fall lvl5 (sp10)
lvl17 Magic Enhancement lvl5, Focus lvl4 (sp5)
lvl18 Focus lvl5 (sp10)
lvl19 Poop

In the case of saving the SP reset for a mistake or to test certain skills:

  1. Point Buster - 1
  2. Air Combo - 1
  3. Meter - 5
  4. Relaunch - 0
  5. Fortress and passives - 0
  6. MP Potion Maximization - 1
  7. Magic Enhancement - 5
  8. Slow heal - 5
  9. Self Heal - 1
  10. Focus - 5

Slow heal will work on those around you and will heal 50% of your health over time for less MP than Heal Thy Self. You don't need any of the attacks because as you level with mage, you stop launching and doing air combos as you go. Priest will use triple shot and just about all battlemage spells hit standing and do not launch.

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