Meteor Fall
Spell Magician Meteor Fall
  • Meteor Fall
  • Instant cast
  • ? ? range
  • After jumping, drop a small meteor to attack X enemy target.
Usable by
Class Magician
Type Offensive
Modifier MATK
Cooldown 3 sec
Launch Yes (at 3+)
Knockdown From launch
Skill Information
SP cost 15
Prerequisite Spell Magician Air Combo Lv. 1
Other Information
Ranks 5

Meteor Fall is a magician spell that deals AoE damage upon cast. When at rank 3 or above, it launches enemies into the air. It can be cast by jumping and pressing attack+down.

Rank Mana Cost Damage Level Targets Notes
1 10 25.0%MATK +80 3 3 enemies
2 13 28.0%MATK +95 6 4 enemies
3 16 31.0%MATK +110 9 5 enemies Launches
4 19 34.0%MATK +125 12 6 enemies Launches
5 21 38.0%MATK +140 15 7 enemies Launches

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