Hello, Dragonians.

This is my first article, so I hope to help little magicians to choose their second job.

Monks are the best healers in Dragonica, because of Wide Heal and Instant Heal. Of course a Monk really needs Slow Heal at rank 5 to be at least useful.

In combat, a Monk can be good only with Magic Enhancement (Magician Skill) and Focus (Magician Skill). It's also good to have a decent rank in

Difussion Cannon, because of its power. The skill Detection is required just at rank 2, because in PvP you can find Assassins/Jesters to counter their skill Burrow and Invisibility.

DON'T TAKE Cast Acceleration because it's useless and a waste of Skill Points. Barbarian and Witch Curse are the most used, and at level 5 those can beat everyone. Don't take the skills for the three llightnings and meteors, because it's useless. Resurrection is the better skill that exists, very usefull at level 5 because of its fast cast time and Hp recovered (50%) even if it uses 60% of self Mp, then Monks always have to take more than 100-300 mp potions (Monks uses loads of Mp).

Gravity is a good skill, that at high levels can hit more than 6000 (12000 with critical), this skill is also used with Priest's skill Reverse Gravity that can deal powerfull damage.

Lightning Strike it's good only if well used, like Lightning Strike + 1 Lightning(Magician Skill) can give good damage.

The skill Sanctuary is pretty usefull, because of it's healing power, a tip, take at level 5 because you'll need to do a powerfull attack, Sactuary Spam, that required a Sanctuary and normal attacks, with this tactic you can be able to kill a boss by yourself.

Monks are not so good in PvP, so try to don't do so much or else do a 2 vs 2 with a Knight, Assassin or Ninja.

Thanks for using my guide,

Termocaos from Dragonica EU

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