There are many creatures that stalk the land of Dragonica El Grego,Faeras and Muted Island(The Newest region). They can be found in both field locations and dungeons, wandering about. Once they spot you they will pursue you until they become aggro by another player. They can range from many levels and some are not considered worth wasting time on, to powerful enough to require a team to deal with. At first they were at peace with the inhabitants of the land, but once the land became tainted be the evil sorceress Paris, they turned on the peaceful citizens of Dragonica and began to attack them on site.


Certain monsters are found at the end of dungeons and are very strong. These monsters are called bosses, and as a reward for defeating one they drop a lot of treasure. once the boss of a dungeon is defeated the battle is over the player is judged on performance and given prizes accordingly.Some of this bosses are called Heath,Mad Scientist Doctor Farrel,Kajimodo and Anukus for Underground Graveyard Dungeons,Paris for Scepter Tower(9 floor towers),Lavalon,Verious and Mutisha for Verdurous Forest dungeon,Mutisha and Aram,Shiva at lowest Van Cliff Mansion basement,Paris at Drakos Tower(50 floors tower)