Ogre Shaman (race)
Udaka Bandits
Attack style
12~13 and 22
Known members of the race
Ogre Shaman

"You killed the all? What the heck? That is amazing!" ~Davy the Blacksmith

Ogre Shaman is a monster in stage three of Sanka Mission Map in Traitor's Ridge.

During the Final Obstacle quest Blacksmith Davy pretends that Ogre Shamans would have stolen a sword from him. To obtain the sword - he says - you should kill 12 Ogre Shamans.


The Ogre Shamans attack with magic. They throw light-blue spheres at you.


Ogre Shaman attacks with its magical attack. Notice its weapon.



Ogre Shamans use magic and it is advised to keep these monsters down so they won't used magic. It might not be a good idea to use Meteor Fall cause you might land on a magic attack and lose HP. This is a notable hazard espsecially when fighting with multiple Ogre Shaman. If you still use this tactic you should keep your finger on Self Heal button.

In the ground it is easier to avoid Ogre Shamans attacks.


Ogre Shaman is quite fat and has purple skin and light brown hair. These ogres are between levels 12~13.

Upon death they turn into a piece of meat like Axel do.


This is a dead Ogre Shaman.

Ogre Shaman wears a skull helmet with two feather on it. Other is blue, while the other is red.

They always have their eyes closed but their helmets seem to look at you.

Ogre Shamans dress is made from beige, grey, white and purple fabrics. They has a sic-sac pattern on it. Also these creatures have a purple scarf on their neck. They also have some collars on their wrists.

Ogre Shamans wield a staff called, Chicken Crown Cane.


this is the Chicken Crown Cane miscellaneous item.


Ogre Shaman drops;


Killing a Ogre Shaman gives 485 EXP.


Ogre Shaman notices you at mission map.


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