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Damage: Physical
Range: Physical
Next Class Upgrade: Dragon Knight
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Paladins are the back bone of every good party. They've got great Defense and Health, but have lacks in their offensive side. They learn powerful Aura's, which can either protect the party or buff them in some ways. As a Paladin, you will be counted on as a Cleaner or a Tanker. With their lacks in offensive abilities, they mostly uses them as human shields for the party or cleaning up, after the AoE'rs.


Class Type

A Paladin is a Defensive Class. They are used as Tanks for PvE and great PvP'ers. In Emporia is also a place, which suffers under the fearsome wrath of the Paladins. While they might not have a lot of Attack, they got the ability to Lock people, which means that they can keep using skills, in 1 combo and there for killing the enemy fast. Paladins rule PvP together with Ninja's. As a Paladin you should aim for getting a Ninja in party.

Weapons, Gear, and Armor

They use 1 handed Short Swords, and Shields. They can also use Bracelets, but the shields offer more [1] Defense. They aim for mostly Health and Agility on their set items. They should aim for Aim, Health, Agility and dmg on other items. Paladins are the class, which can get most Melee Defense.


In PvE a Paladin will still use the same style as a Knight. You learn a few passives and 2 skills which affect yourself. You can learn Auras which affect the party that the Paladin is in. The best Aura is Time Reverse, which allows a 2 sec less cooldown on Skills. This allows Assassins and Ninjas to be able to use their most powerful Skill (Dagger) without stopping. However, be wary of the Area of Effect (AoE). In PvE, the AoE seems to only stretch as far as the Paladin's sight.

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