Quest- The Symbol of the Udaka Bandits

[Type of Quest]

Common Quest, anyone can do it.

[ Quest NPC ]
Traitor's Ridge - Mercenary Thomas

[ Quest Task ]
Find two large horned flutes in Howling Hill.

[ Details ]

Something has taken over Sangka. Find 2 Large Horned Flutes and play one. Then open the area's he's hiding out in, and wake him up from whatever is controlling him. [1]


Go to Traitor's Ridge, and head left on the high ground from where the camp is. You should see Howling Hill entrance. Go into Howling Hill and walk all the way to the right. This includes going through the hyper jump pads. You should see two question marks on your mini map, that's the horns. They are on top of a tower. Climb the ladder and walk up to one of them and your character will automatically blow the horn. Then walk across the bridge and activate the other horn, There's 2. Remember there's 2. [2]

After you have successfully blew both horns, return to Mercenary Thomas for the Reward.

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