Crux Shot

Increase the damage of your next attack by a certain percent.
15 SP per level
lv1 +12% per lv bonus +2%

Homing Missile
Shoot a missile at an enemy in the air.
15sp each lv
lv1 90%+150per lv bonus 25%+30,2 targets

Aerial fury
Shoots arrows down while in the air, hotkey c+→+x
15sp per lv
lv1 6%+10per lv bonus 1.5%+15,1 more arrow

Random Shot

Shoot an extra arrow when you attack.
15sp each lv
lv1 12%+50 60secper lv bonus 4.5%+50,10sec

Accelerator Tuning
Increase the damage of Homing Missile and RPG-7.
15sp each lv
lv1 5%+200per lv bonus 2%+50


Shoot a missile to hit enemies in front of you in to the air, hits enemies on the ground at lv3.
15sp each lv
lv1 70%+100per lv bonus 15%+40

Gattling Rush
Pull out a gatling gun to do massive damage, attack 10 enemies with 11 hits each.
20sp each lv
lv1 25%+100per lv bonus 2.5%+50

H.E. Grenade
Throw grenade to attack enemy in front of you.
20sp each lv
lv1 60%+120per lv bonus 10%+30,extra grenade at lv3 and lv5

Increase the damage of H.E. Grenade.
15sp each lv
lv1 10%+100per lv bonus 3%+2

Autoshot System
Summon a tank to support you
35sp each lv
lv1 150%,9secper lv bonus 50%,3sec

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