The boss of the Traitor's Ridge Mission Map, and also a free spawning boss in the hidden map Bandit's Hideout. Sangka is much more difficult than Vagabond and Akazi, and his Mission Maps are longer. (4 Stars has 4 maps, as opposed to Akazi's 2). Consequently, there are more parties for this Mission Map as well. For some reason, Sangka is blue in 1-2 Star Mission Maps and as Kungka's miniboss, and green during 3-4 Star Mission Maps and his Hero Quest.


Sangka (Green)


Sangka (Blue)


Sangka is one of the two brothers (the other being Kungka) who lead the Udanka bandits. Sangka was once a nice ogre who helped administer the Dragon Fellowship tests, but was corrupted by the witch Paris. He and Kungka have started to attack Odellia's and Port of the Wind's guards. Once someone defeats him (in the Hero Quest), Paris' curse breaks, and Sangka does not remember what he just did.


1. Smashes his axe into the ground directly in front of him.

2. Throws his axe a fairly large distance horizontally. (This will hit you twice if you remain in its path.)

3. Stomps the ground, and then charges.*

4. Holds the axe behind him briefly, then spins and moves left or right. Only spins for about a second, as opposed to the other one.* (It has a fairly large 3-D range, so look out.)

5. Same as above, except he remains in one place and spins for 5-7 seconds.* Can easily kill you if you don't have instant heal potions. (Sangka uses this one very rarely. It is seen far more often during Kungka's battle.)

(*Will knock you down if it hits)


Traitor's Ridge Mission Map (1 - 4 Stars) and Hero Quest

Canyon of Oblivion Mission Map (1 - 4 Stars, miniboss)

Bandit's Hideout


Sangka's Skull Shield

Tigerskin Pants

(Note: Neither is an Equip, they are both Misc.)

Bandit's Hideout Hidden Scroll (Mission Map 4 Stars only)

Devil's Soul Stone (Bandit's Hideout only)

Various Level 20-25 equips (Bandit's Hideout only)


Sangka NPC


  • After completion of the Hero Quest, a Sangka NPC appears.
  • The full name of the Sangka mob is "Big Axe Brother Sangka".
  • Sangka is known as Tutu in other versions of Dragonica.

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