It is a class, that is exactly what the name says. They seem to walk on wind because they are very lethal and quick and can quickly eliminate any opponet with a flurry of arrows. They use longbows.

Their ultimate skill is called Multi Stripe and is an eagle that flies overhead while the character summoning it releases a whirlwind of arrows. Then the purple eagle dive downward and bomb the ground before quickly sliding out of screen.

They also have a skill that catches the opponet in a kind of net and stuns them for 1,5 seconds. The skill is called Wire Action. They also have Ice Shower which summons and Ice "Fenix" which will thrust it's wings out and a shower of ice shards will emerge from under it's wings.

Wind Blade is a skill that looks like a blue wind flying trough the screen and attacking opponets standing in your way. People tend to prefer Ice Shower over Wind Blade since the rapid, but high damage that attacks with every iceshard( almost every one).

They have one passive skill called "Song Of Wind". It increases the attack speed by 4% for each level. It is very useful as Archers main attack is Anti- Air Shot.

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