Damage:  ??
Range:  ??
Next Class Upgrade: -
Shadow Skills
Shadow Equipments
Shadow Quest
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The shadow is a real speed killer due to its rapid attacks. His attacks consist of summoning a ninja that attacks the enemies in front of it, and a ninja that attacks side to side.

The shadow's ultimate attack is called Phantom Warrior where it summons a head of a demon which resembles tengu which it has ninjas cutting at the screen monsters rapidly.


1)Ninja Strike (true name-Cross blade)

2)Ninja Swipe (true name-Shadow blade)

3)Phantom Warrior (true name-Multi Illusion)


1. New Lightning Oak Weapon-Superior Lightning Oak Katar

Job Requirement: Shadow

Level Requirement: 60

(more details are needed)
Form Leon

PvP andPvE

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