Sniper Path
Sniper Concept Art
Damage: Attack
Range: Ranged
Next Class Upgrade: None
Sniper Skills
Sniper Quests
Sniper PvP guide
Sniper PvE guide Sniper PvP guide

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Snipers are the advancement of Rangers. They are armed with air-strikes and many differant types of bombs. They also build up on the ranger's infamous Auto Shot System by using an upgrade skill which increases power and firing rate.

In addition to the ASS, Snipers have a rocket launcher available, which can attack multiple enemies.

Their main skills include:

Carpet-bombing:Carpet bombing has the potential to wipe out an entire mob, and it can also be upgraded to include one more attack.

ASS Upgrade: Increases potential of ASS.

Vulcan 300: Summons a rocket launcher. Can attack multiple enemies and has a fast firing rate.

Camouflage: Hides character.

Atropine: Cures Poison status, but be careful! Brings in some side effects.

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