Starry Lolo
Attack style

Starry Lolo is a Starry specie which is stronger than Starry Lulu. This specie has appeared on the coastline recently. These creatures eat clams.


Starry Lolo with another Starry specie Starry Lulu.


These creatures have four different attack styles

  • Slapping - They jump on a players face and hit it couple of times.
  • Biteing - They bite you.
  • Spinning - They spin on you like a thorwing star.
  • Powerfull spinning - Starry Lolo stands still for a moment and then spins on you with red energy or its "arms". This attack has very low hits and it makes a bubbling sound. Though it will hit you to the ground.

This is the spinning attak that Starry Lolo performs.


The creature is quite fast so you should try to keep it on the ground.


Starrys all run to you quite quickly and the hit with one of their multiple attacks. This you should avoid and use either hit-and-run-tactic or pehaps a mix of Point Buster and Meteor Fall.

The minus in these both is that Starrys are rarely found alone and the other monsters such as Shark Pirates and Crabbys and most importantly other Starries.

In the case of Starry Lolo you must avoid the spin attack that it uses as it hits you to the ground allways. It is really hard to avoid 'cause even though you can see when Lolo stands still and prepares it for a second or so, the attack has a wide area of effect and will almost always hit you down if you stand in the same line where Lolo attacks.


Starry Lolo is yellow with blue spots. It has star eyes and orange face.

Half-eaten Clam

Starry Lolos meal.




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