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Equipment and Items

Skill Building

See Magician Skills for more details.

The order which you assign your skill points does not play a heavy role on your overall performance, as the Mage's normal attack can handle most situations readily.

Active Skills

Point Buster - Rarely does a Magician need to launch as high as this goes. Damage is very small. Recommended: Lv1 (Since it is forced).

Re-launch - Unnecessary, as Meteor Fall re-launches already. Recommended: Lv0

Meteor Fall - At Lv3, launches just high enough for a triple Air Combo, and hits a good amount of enemies. Recommended: Lv3-5

Slow Heal - For survivability. Against Self Heal, this has the advantage of group healing and low MP cost. Recommended: Lv1-5

Focus - Required by all Magician classes. Percent-based increases will always remain powerful. Recommended: Lv5

Fortress - Requires its supporting skills to be decent. Generally, Meteor Fall -> Air Combo is more usable. Recommended: Lv0

Self Heal - For survivability. Against Slow Heal, this has the advantage of a quick burst of HP. Recommended: Lv0-5

Passive Skills

MP Potion Maximization - Player's choice. Can save money. Recommended: Lv1-5

Air Combo - Main damage source in first-class. Also allows you to attack in the air. Recommended: Lv3

Magic Enhancement - Player's choice. High increase in the beginning, diminishes as the player becomes more powerful. Recommended: Lv1-5

Cannon Upgrade - If using a Fortress build over Meteor Fall -> Air Combo, max out. Don't bother otherwise. Recommended: Lv0

Bullet Acceleration - If using a Fortress build over Meteor Fall -> Air Combo, max out. Don't bother otherwise. Recommended: Lv0

Training Areas


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