This is the first Dungeon boss you meet in Dragonica. He is not particulary strong and is a nice meeting to the dungeon system.


Vagabond is the alpha male of the wolves.Dr. Farrell has increased his intelligence and placed him under the doctor's control. Vagabond's wolves recently have been attacking Odellia, and he has kidnapped Lylia, the mayor's daughter.


1. A basic slash.

2. A charge (which knocks players over if successful).

3. A roar (which knocks players over if successful).

4. A Tornado Slash.


Vagabond's Heart

Vagaboot in (hidden map)


North Windia Plains and South Windia Plains Mission Map (1 - 4 Stars and Hero Quest)

Hero's Road Mission Map (1 - 4 Stars, miniboss) Clamain plain every 2 hour a Vagabond apper


Black and white wolf twin Only One Way! (Hero Quest)

In the Wolf's Lair (Hero Quest)

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