1st Classes
IconSmall Archer
IconSmall Magician
IconSmall Thief
IconSmall Warrior
Quests: Ar Ma Th Wa
Skills: Ar Ma Th Wa
Skill builds: Ar Ma Th Wa
Tactics: Ar Ma Th Wa
Armor sets: Ar Ma Th Wa
Starting a: Ar Ma Th Wa
PvE guide: Ar Ma Th Wa
PvP guide: Ar Ma Th Wa

Your greatest combo is a launch (via Cutdown, Air Launch, or Relaunch) followed with Storm Blade or an aerial combo.  Always max out Storm Blade; a very useful skill.  Try not to hammer spam as much, but use when necessary, keeping it at levels 1-3. Hammer Crush is useful due to the stun and may be increased further.

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