White Tooth

White Tooth

Captain of the Pirate Sharks, able to battle-heal using arcane energies, he is a formidable enemy to face.
Level Range
24 - 27

A pirate captain known to invade the Port of the Wings and wreck havoc on the town and local port guards. Despite his intent to cause destruction, it does not appear that under the command of the witch Paris.


Hookah fires a spider-web bullet that snares a character to one place. It only moves in a straight line to the left or right. Does not cause damage on its own, but can be deadly if the player is close to Hookah or caught in a swarm of Razor Crabs. It is similar to the Netbind skill of Hunters.

  • Hookah fires a green poison bullet that poisons the player. Same movement pattern as spider-web bullet.
  • Hookah fires a normal shot. Same movement as other two.
  • Hookah swings his hook in front of him, and it knocks the player down if it connects. He has been known to use the hook repeatedly on the player, especially in a solo Mission Map run, stun-locking the player.
  • Hookah forms a purple circle around himself, and heals ~7000 HP. Even though the glow lasts some time afterward, it is not a Heal over Time.


  • Soloing Hookah is not recommended, as his healing can greatly prolong the battle. If you do, prepare for at least a 20 minute battle unless you are very overleveled.
  • A Giant Starry, and in F3-F5 Mission Maps, Razor Crabs, add a great deal of chaos to fighting Hookah. A Battlemage using Blizzard on these mobs makes it easier for the others to concentrate on Hookah.
  • Luring Hookah to the left moves him away from where the Razor Crabs spawn.


Bearded Whale Coast Mission Map

Wrath of the Hidden Nautilus Hidden Map (he is one of the two rare monster spawns)


  • His hat is highly prized by both bowman branches and the Priest branch of magicians, because of its bonus of increasing attack speed by 30%. He is rarely ever seen in Wrath of the Hidden Nautilus, because he is camped by high level players seeking the hat. The hat has been considered an end-game equip for these classes since the beginning of beta, and so the hat can be priced at 500g+.
  • He also drops his rifle (again, in Wrath of the Hidden Nautilus), which is a Hunter weapon, yet fires the shots of a crossbow.
  • Hookah never really dies; he just flies off with a seagull when defeated.
  • Supposedly, his girlfriend is Captain Alvida, but (according to THQICE) he has been attracted to Paris recently. However, Paris is also seen offering both sharks money during the loading screen of the Bearded Whale Coast area, so the truth of the story is debatable.
  • He is the first of the Dragonica bosses to not have the previous boss (Kungka) as a miniboss. He is also the first to have a launchable miniboss.

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