Wookibooki is a good Chango who went on a trip before the other Changos turned aggressive towards men.

Now other Changos are hitting Wookibooki so Wookibooki just stands around digging his nose.


Wookbooki has a sturdy build like other in his race and shares the same skin colour has haircolour as all other Changos are so UGLY

Wookibooki wears wiht-blue striped pants and a Torn Belt.


Wookibooki - like other Changos - has a heart tattoo in his left arm.


Wookibooki is - verbally - quite dimwitted. Well he is an orge after all. Here are his sentences.

"Me WookiBooki. Me back from trip. But something is wrong. My friens the Udaka no talk to WookiBooki. They keep hitting WookiBooki. What's that about. They all mean."

And also later on;

"Hey. Are you the Magician that Thomas told me of? I'm WookiBooki, one of the Udaka Bandits. I went on a trip recently and noticed something different, the bandits are acting really strange.They're not acting like Udaka. I'm very suprised and sad. The Udaka Bandits are good men, someone must've done something bad to them. Please help..."

"Kunka rules five areas. But I must warn you, there are five Kunkas! The real one's protected by four fake Kunkas. You'll be able to meet the real one once you've defeated the fake ones. Enter the Mission Map (1-4 Stars) to encounter the Kunkas."

If you come back too early Wookibooki will say;

"I'm really worried. Please hurry."

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